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Top Wedding Ideas for a Stress Free Day

Making the happiest day of your life also the least stressful day of your life is not an easy thing. The staff here at Farnham Castle are on hand to make everything on your special day run to perfection, but in the run-up and in the planning zone, it can get quite overwhelming. We have put together a series of factors and solutions that can help things run just a little bit smoother when it comes to your wedding planning.

Be prepared to lose (some) control

You’ll have to accept quite early on that you cannot control each and every aspect of your day, as well as the prior wedding planning. Many might say, “Always expect the unexpected and you won’t be surprised”. This is true even if you feel that you’ve planned every detail of the day, there is still a chance something may not go quite to plan, and something such as the weather, for example, will always be out of your hands. If you’re willing to accept this then it’s almost guaranteed that the day will at least seem much smoother.

Snow day at Farnham Castle - © Nicola and Glen


Make time for your new spouse

This is quite an important one that people often overlook. It doesn’t have to be long, just five or ten minutes would be sufficient. Just an opportunity to relax away from it all will inevitably do you both some good. Many couples like to reflect on the day at this point, or what they’re still looking forward to, it’ll just help lend some perspective and make you pause and appreciate what you’ve done so far.

Bride and groom in the outdoor space at Farnham Castle - © Real Simple Photography

Let others do the herding

This seems a bit of an odd one but it has its logic. Instead of searching around for the right people for the perfect photo, or making sure everyone’s in their seat or got their hotel room sorted, let the staff do their job while you take a backseat. Here at Farnham Castle, our friendly Events Team can do just that! They will help take the pressure off you, allowing you more quality time with your guests.

Family stood outside of Farnham Castle - © Jacob and Pauline Photography


Experience is key

Make sure (where possible) that you use trusted and experienced suppliers. Don’t leave your day in the hands of people who don’t know what they’re doing. Our staff here at Farnham Castle will be able to provide you with a tried and tested list of suppliers that we have used before that will fit perfectly with all of your dream wedding ideas!

Farnham castle dining area - © Nicola and Glen


Pick a reliable best man/chief bridesmaid

Having someone you can rely on is paramount if there are any last minute issues that need sorting. Whether it be an issue with the dresses, family members, or anything else that might hit a speed bump, it’s good to know you’ve got a trusted friend at hand to help out. A good maid of honour is also essential in the wedding planning stage when you need ideas and inspiration. Also, and more for the grooms, make sure you’ve picked a best man who won’t cause too much embarrassment when it comes to the speeches!

Bride and bridesmaid leaving Farnham Castle - © Sarah Legge Photography


Get into the role

It might be an idea to take some time away from work if you can. This may sound ridiculous but get into the mind-set of your wedding planning, and think about things a little more strategically. Admittedly this sounds quite extreme but it will inevitably help your day seem much smoother in the long run.

Flowered ceremony room at Farnham Castle - © Jacob and Pauline Photography


Your dream wedding ideas can become a reality with your wedding at Farnham Castle. With experienced staff and the most amazing backdrop, we aim to create the perfect fairy-tale for you to say ‘I do’. Call us now on 01252 413091 to visit our castle wedding venue and fall in love all over again.