Farnham Castle

How to Make This Castle Wedding Venue Your Winter Wonderland


Image © Weddings by Nicola and Glen

Ever since 1138 when Bishop Henry began to build this place it has been a person’s dream castle wedding venue, even hosting one or two royal weddings over the years. There’s no reason why this castle cannot become your dream venue for your special day. Set in the heart of the Surrey countryside this picturesque castle wedding venue is ready to become your dream. When it comes to the ceremony we’re sure you’ll fall in love with either The Lantern Hall, The Norman Chapel, or The Bishop’s Chapel for your ceremony. Read Farnham Castle’s ideas to make this venue the perfect place to host your winter wedding.

Winter warmers

Vintage hot chocolate - © Stone Wood Vintage

Image © Stone Wood Vintage

Catering your menu to the season is the perfect way to add personalised touches to something that everyone will enjoy. It doesn’t have to be anything too extravagant or out of the ordinary, a simple change such as having hot chocolate and marshmallows after the wedding breakfast might add a touch of winter warmth and comfort to your day and will go down a treat with any little ones that are there on your day. Mulled wine or spiced apple cider would make a warm treat for the adults to enjoy.  The staff at Galloping Gourmet are on hand to create the perfect menu for your winter wedding; no request is too peculiar for this talented team.


You may worry about becoming cold in the winter and not able to have your wedding photos in the picturesque grounds of Farnham Castle. Bringing a shawl or faux fur jacket to add to your elegant wedding dress will add warmth to your outfit while also showing the winter theme when you look back at your wedding photos. You could also dress your bridal party in matching fur shawls, so they won’t feel the chill but will still match and look beautiful in your wedding photos outside of the snowy castle wedding venue.

Image © Helen Kirkman Photography

Small touches

Arguably one of the largest benefits of Farnham Castle is that it truly looks great all year round. That isn’t to say that you can’t put your own stamp on it. An extra touch of winter excellence could be achieved by something as subtle as a frosted pinecone of each table, or more seasonal floral decorations. You could cater your colour scheme to the style of your winter wedding; ice blues and crisp whites would make the perfect icy theme, or rich reds and berries would bring the Christmas spirit to the day. Just these small additions could make all the difference when it comes to making your day all the more personal.

Image © Anna B Photography & Weddings by Nicola and Glen

Make the Great Hall greater

We already take great pride in our Great Hall here at Farnham Castle, but there’s nothing to say that it can’t always be improved and tailored to just how you wish for it to be. The neutral colour palette means that any colour scheme will go effortlessly in this grand hall. Winter décor such as ice features, white fairy lights and spray painted trees to replicate the snowy outside would create an ideal winter wonderland. Or, if you’re going for a warmer winter wedding scheme then wreathes, pinecones, red berries and fruit would make beautiful centrepieces that would remind everyone of the warm winter season. One feature that could be used to provide a true feel of winter elegance would be our fireplace. When lit and decorated in the right way for the season this would no doubt be a stunning centrepiece of your winter décor.


Image © Helen Kirkman Photography

Whether you choose to have a wonderful winter wedding at Farnham Castle or decide to host it in summer, spring or autumn, the staff are on hand to make sure it is the fairy tale day that you deserve. Call us now on 01252 413091 to book a visit to see Farnham Castle wedding venue so that you can see the rich history and magical atmosphere for yourself.